What We Do

Sarathy Foundation supports and benefits underprivileged girl child and empowers women through various camps,that we set up to train and provide resources.We conduct councelling sessions and intriguing workshops to create a cordial environment for the girls as well as other women seeking solutions to domestic violence,suppression and social recognisition. We make them aware of the importance of education,healthcare and social behaviour.

Enrollment of the girls in the nearest schools is followed up by identifying the potential learners through their respective protfolios .We provide them with books,uniforms and other necessary resources.

One of the most powerful means of empowerment is education.We at Sarathy Foundation make sure that we institutionalise these underprivileged girls,so that nothing can ever come between their dreams.

Today,Saloni Solanki,6yrs goes to school and thanks all the uncle and aunties for sponsoring her education.
Sarathy Foundation is a non profit organization aims to educate underprivileged girl child and strives to empower women. JOIN US in our endeavor,because everyone has their role in educating these girls.BE A SARATHY